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Carl and Tina Skenes with David Blaine

David Blaine Performs Carl Skenes' Bullet Catch

David Blaine did it at East Orange Shooting Sports Range here in Orlando. There are less restrictive gun laws in Florida than in NY.

Carl Skenes was contacted by David Blaine's production team. After a few phone calls it was all set. Carl helped David get all the kinks worked out. It should air on September 24th 2008.

Watch Carl perform his Bullet Catch on

If you would like to see Carl perform this amazing feat. Click here to go to to watch. Carl Skenes' Bullet Catch

Wikipedia on the Bullet Catch.

In 1980, a little-known magician named Carl Skenes attempted what is the only verified performance of the bullet-catch (which is arguable because of Ralf Bialla's performance) using a .22 rifle firing actual bullets.

Skenes wore a tooth-guard mouthpiece, and then placed a steel box into his mouth. A sharpshooter then fired the bullet into the dime-sized opening at the front of the box.

Skenes first performed this stunt in 1980 on the television show That's Incredible, and later performed it on similar shows in Puerto Rico, Japan, and Venezuela. He used no gimmicks in his performance. The .22 rifle was mounted onto a number of gun stands to keep it steady, and the protective gear and target box he placed into his mouth were put in as part of the performance.